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About Us


Dreams Will Come True Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to help people reach their dreams by providing education and any necessary tools.


Why Dreams Will Come True Foundation?


Our Mission


To achieve this mission, we will provide different educational platforms based on the needs of the participants. For the under-privileged who have the desire to improve their lives, we will provide a platform for them to acquire necessary credentials or skills to enable them to reach higher socioeconomic status.
Finance plays a large role in our everyday lives, thus we will provide a separate platform for members to obtain financial literacy.
For people who do not have access to appropriate resources but are able to demonstrate strong desire for change, we would like to provide tools and assistance to empower them to pursue their dreams.
For non-profit organizations, who need assistance with resource management in both volunteers and financial resources, we would like offer assistance in education and tools to help.


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